Language Sapiens has an extensive network of native-speaking translators, editors and proofreaders who specialize in different industries. Our professional translators and editors count with the knowledge and experience needed in their corresponding specialty fields. Most importantly, they only translate into their native tongue, which ensures that every nuance and subtlety is considered when rendering the target equivalent.

Quality assurance process

Every translation project requires the appropriate team of linguists work together to produce a flawless and accurate target product, while maintaining the original meaning, intent and tone of the original source. Even though each project is unique and has different needs, we follow a multi-step translation process to ensure quality in all our language projects:

  • Pre-translation processing: understand your business needs regarding timing and format, closely examine the source document to anticipate translation/cultural issues, determine the target audience, request clarification if necessary, extracting the text into a word processing program if applicable, creation of an industry-specificglossary
  • Translating by an industry-qualified professional translator
  • Editing by a seasoned editor, who will compare the source document to the target to make sure there are no omissions, additions, grammar or syntax errors, while re-writing sentences if need be. The editor will pay special attention to word choice, clarity, conciseness, consistency, jargon, and register.
  • Typesetting/formatting, if required, to prepare the target document for delivery to the client in the same format as it was received.
  • Proofreading by a seasoned linguist in the target language with a trained eye who looks for spelling and punctuation errors, while making sure everything is in the place where it should be. The proofreader will take into consideration the style guide, capitalizations, abbreviations, and even country-specific differences in spelling.

Language Sapiens offers certification and notarization of our translations. We also handle legalization of certified translations requested by governmental authorities.