Language Sapiens provides high-level interpreting services for judicial proceedings, corporate and medical meetings and events, anywhere in the world.

Interpreting services provided:

Simultaneous interpreting

Our conference staff consists of a highly-experienced team of topic-specific-interpreters and coordinators, as well as audio and multimedia technicians, who ensure that all the aspects of your multilingual event is successful, regardless of the size of your meeting, whether it is a press conference, a webcast or a webinar, a company presentation, or a focus group.

Simultaneous interpreting equipment is available for rent.

Consecutive interpreting

Our team of consecutive interpreters have strong language abilities, good interpersonal skills, and specialized experience to work in a legal, medical or business environment.


Language Sapiens provides state and federally certified interpreters who are well versed in complex legal terminology to interpret in judicial proceedings, depositions, witness preparations, hearings and trials.


We also offer medical interpreting to ensure the communication between patients and health care professionals in the medical setting. These highly competent interpreters are both trained and proficient in both in medical terminology and cultural competency. Our medical interpreters are certified by the NBCMI and CCHI, thus approved to interpret at QME, AME, IME, etc.

Document review

Language Sapiens offers legal document review services, which aids law firm staff in greatly reducing costs by organizing and prioritizing thousands of pages of foreign-language documents, either on-site, online, to identify key documents pertaining to the legal case. Then, only the relevant documents get translated, thus reducing the cost and minimizing the time.